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We Offer Termite Barrier And Prevention Systems On The Sunshine Coast

PROVIDES years of guaranteed protection!

Suncoast Pest Solutions provided quality termite control barriers to all our customers!  We have EXTENSIVE knowledge of and experience with termites. Not only are we highly experienced timber pest technicians, we have knowledge of the climate, soil, and lay of the land affects on how pests behave! We Specialise in Termite Prevention Systems – Our inspections are comprehensive and we go above and beyond to ensure your premises is PROTECTED! 

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We use Termite Chemical Barriers that both Destroys & Repels entire colonies – offering you peace of mind…

A chemical termite treatment involves applying liquid chemical to the soil, either under concrete flooring and/or around the entire perimeter of your building’s foundations. Each chemical is different, with different properties, different levels of toxicity and different lengths of life expectancy.


These Termiticides can be non repellent or repellent.
The non repellent is absorbed by the termites and spread throughout the colony, resulting in colony elimination.

Repellent barriers discourage the termites from attempting to breach the barrier, killing termites that come into contact with the repellent. We generally recommend non-repellant, but each individual circumstance is considered during our FREE QUOTE INSPECTION.

Each type of barrier is constructed to serve as a wall that either stops termites in their tracks or administers a lethal dose of a termite-specific chemical. Either way, this type of termite management can get rid of termites and protect your home or business from them in the years to come.

Suncoast Pest Solutions specialise in post-construction barriers, meaning we don’t do pre-construction install services. However, if you need we can refer you to our entrusted colleagues on the field to assist with your pre-construction installation.

A chemical termite management system is Suncoast Pest Solutions preferred method of prevention, meaning we prevent them from becoming an issue rather than treating them upon them damaging your home. Preventative measures is always best before finding termites. Termites are not easy to find and can cause a lot of damage without you realising what is being done below the surface.

The risk with repellent only chemicals is that as they break down over time, termites may find a weakness in the barrier, which they wouldn’t look for with non-repellent chemicals. The only way to ensure that they won’t be back is to use a chemical that termites carry back to the nest, killing every termite in the colony, including the queen—who can lay up to 30 thousand eggs a day.

The beauty of this chemical is that it’s completely undetectable by termites. When the termites march into your home, the chemical won’t kill them right away. After they return to their nest, every other termite they meet will also come into contact with the termiticide, eliminating them as well.

We do however recommend yearly termite inspections to ensure that you remain protected.

Suncoast Pest Solutions can offer a $2million warranty through our Accreditation. Ask about this…

Termidor Termite Chemical Barriers


Often referred to as white ants, termites are insects which devour wood and most cellulose containing materials like cardboard, paper, etc. There are great variations in the colour, shape, and size of termites depending upon the species but they are all characterised by certain similarities. These critters fall under the order Isoptera and are closely related to cockroaches on the evolutionary scale. Despite their name white ant, they bear no relation to the ant family and wreak havoc on a majority of Australian homes. The key to lowering the cost of termite-related repairs is to conduct frequent termite inspections in order to detect problems early.

Termites are social insects, living together in colonies. Some, like the magnetic termite, reside in above-ground mounds. Others, like the Nasutitermes type, reside all the way up in trees and telephone poles where they build arboreal nests. Others, like the Coptotermes species, can be found in tree stumps or at the base of trees.  Termites may also be found hiding in the walls and rooves of residences.

Termite colonies can contain up to several million termites. The insects in each colony are divided into castes which determine their activities. Termites in the worker caste are responsible for digging tunnels and ensuring food supply. Soldiers prevent intruders from harming the colony, while reproductive termites’ or alates’ main job is to perpetuate the species through an annual colonising flight. Soldier and worker termites are unable to reproduce.

Termites make their tunnels mostly underground from their nests, they can tunnel over vertical surfaces, such as piers and foundation walls to gain access to buildings.  A building can be protected from termite attack by placing a chemical barrier of in the soil around the foundations.

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