Adequate Termite Protection Gives You Peace Of Mind – Cost Effective Termite Barrier Solutions

Suncoast Pest Control van

This one was a BEAUTY. A lot of digging and trenching involved in this termite barrier install. Featured is SPS’s Nathan, who assisted in digging and trenching (ask him and he will tell you how much he loves being out in the sun and digging 😎😎)
The lovely client had had quotes from other companies for her barrier and gave us a call to have us provide a quote as well. We were able to talk her through each step that was required, gave some options available. And while we were there, had a full internal and external treatment as well. We have been booked to conduct annual termite inspections also. Finding clients for life is so rewarding. REMEMBER, the key to termite prevention is not only the installation of up to date termite protection systems but also annual termite inspections.

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