Month: April 2020

Suncoast Pest Control van

How Thorough Is Your Termite Inspection?

Another day, another subfloor climb, or crawl! Our termite inspections are thorough, and our techs go hard to deliver a thorough inspection report! Client was unaware of leaking pipe work under the house, leading to ideal termite conducive conditions! #sunnycoastermiteinspections #goodbyetermiteshelloprotection #sunshinecoasttermiteprotection 

Suncoast Pest Control van

Look At This Find!

Amazing what you can find during our day! Carrying out an annual termite inspection today for a lovely client, and on closer inspection found this one hanging from their outdoor furniture (they had temporarily stored inside for the purposes of our inspection) Upon closer inspection from our technician it was identified of course as a red back …

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Suncoast Pest Control van

Is Your Exterra Baiting System Being Properly Maintained?

Is your Exterra Baiting System being well maintained? If you have concerns about the level of service on your Exterra baiting system, get in touch. We are happy to discuss your current system and future needs for termite treatment. We have had some calls from clients who are having difficulty with their current Pest Technician maintaining …

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