Termite Treatment & Termite Barrier

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Termite activity anywhere on your property is concerning. The best way to protect your property from termites is to install a termite Barrier. There are two kinds of barriers. There is a physical barrier which is installed in the construction phase of your building (older buildings didn’t have any termite products installed as it wasn’t invented yet.). if you are unsure you should get your licensed pest controller to inspect your property and advise you. A physical barrier doesn’t completely stop termites from entering your property but it does force them out to a more visible entry point.

The second type of barrier is a chemical one. This barrier acts more like a king protecting a castle for termite treatment. The chemical that is installed around your property repels termites (subterranean termites) from tunnelling into your property from below.

The only way to deter termites from your property is with the installation of a Barrier. Give Codey a call on 0426 795 471 and we will provide you with an obligation free quote on your available options.